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The non-slip treatment for floors does not significantly alter the aesthetic appearance of the treated surfaces.

Our product acts on quartz and silica particles, cleaning and opening the micro-porosity by
eliminating organic and inorganic elements present in the following materials: ceramic tiles,
structured and polished porcelain stoneware, Klinker, porcelain, single firing, glazed surfaces, plates
ceramic shower and bathtubs; producing a significant improvement in adhesion.
The treated surfaces can be walked on immediately after istallation, the execution times necessary
for the anti-slip treatment are extremely reduced, reducing the inaccessibility of the places to a few
hours and without generating dust and debris which time then has to be spent on removing it.
The anti-slip treatment is guaranteed for an average duration of 5 years, which can vary from how
much it is trodden and therefore worn, and in the case of ordinary and extraordinary cleaning that
keeps the "pores" of the substrate always well cleaned.