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Laying and Installation

An interlocking flooring system that is so easy to install that there is no need for special glues or tool.

Easy Peasy!!

All that is needed is a:

- Rubber Mallet

- Hacksaw

- Line Marker

The installation is completely do it yourself! DIY at its best!


The durable surface allows you to clean quickly and easily, and is particularly suitable for the use of

atomizers and rough sponges.

After laying the flooring, treatment of metallized waxes is recommended to improve and maintain

the appearance. Do not clean the surfaces with solvents such as trichlorethylene acetone etc.

Prolonged parking of tires can cause indelible stains on the floor. Therefore, in the rooms concerned

with this type of problem, preventive treatment of the floor and subsequent regular maintenance is

essential, with the latest generation specific waxes that guarantee a safe barrier against the

transmigration of plasticizers and anti-aging agents contained in the tire compound.


Easy and quick to lay, and can be placed over any hard surface with very little or no preparation.

Immediately improves the quality of poor, worn floors, and also floors that have been damaged by

humidity, providing that they are well leveled. They are applied directly onto the existing floor using

the exclusive interlocking mechanisms making it incredibly easy to install.

The only tools required are: a wooden or rubber hammer, a hacksaw and a line marker. It is

advisable to start the installation from the center of the room working towards the outside following

a circular path.

When installing floors with minimal temperature fluctuations it is advisable to leave a gap of 5 mm

between the tiles and the fixed points (for example walls and / or machinery) to allow the tiles to

expand and contract freely. In environments with high temperature changes and in areas exposed

to direct sunlight or characterized by high temperatures, the use of an adhesive is recommended.