What is an ‘Interlocking Floor?’

The surface is indestructible.

  1. - It is a self-adjusting vinyl floor which consists of a homogenous mixture of vinyl resins, plasticizers,
    inorganic additives, colored pigments and inert mineral fillers. Produced using an injection press with
    a "stamp" surface with an "orange peel" effect.
    - The tiles have visible joints along the perimeter and are intended for rooms which are subject to
    extremely high levels of traffic. They can also be used for non-cellar rooms which are not protected
    against rising infiltrations.
    - The floor can also resist and absorb the passage of 4 wheel low walls with a total weight not
    exceeding 40 quintals providing that they are equipped with rubber wheels with an adequate

Why select it?

- Easy and quick installation
- Good to go! Ready to use as soon as the laying phase is complete
- Hard wearing. Maximum resistance and durable to wear and tear
- Offers relief to aching lower joints during the work day
- Substantial energy savings possible due to insulation from the cold
- Cushions the fall of objects and tools reducing the risk of breakage
- Anti-slip properties
- Easy to clean
- Resistant to commonly used chemicals
- Fire resistance according to BFL-S1 standards
- High load capacity depending on the thickness
- Can be personalised with logos, photos, slogans, etc
- Eco-friendly! The material is completely recyclable

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