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Security and flooring

A step forward without ... slipping!

Nanotechnology-Suisse offers a new generation anti-slip treatment, suitable for any

walkable surface without altering it. From public buildings to the bathroom in the home (goodbye to

old anti-slip mats)

Even in the flooring sector, new technologies ensure - it is appropriate to say - a step forward

without ... slips. Costs included. In Ticino Nanotecnologie-Suisse di Stabio, they specialise in securing

every walkable surface. Starting with the bathroom, the room in the house ranks third in the number

of home accidents in Switzerland (SUVA source), more so than apparently dangerous environments,

such as the garage or the garden; in addition to the floor, the anti-slip treatment is particularly

suitable for shower cubicles and bathtubs, by retiring the unsanitary anti-slip mats. The treatment is

also applicable to balconies, swimming pools, gyms, etc. This also applies to all structures open to the

public for which safety is mandatory such as hospitals, offices, restaurants and hotels, workshops,


Nanotechnology-Suisse offers anti-slip treatment based precisely on nanotechnology. Operating

from Ticino, the company has lower costs than the competition based in inland Switzerland and can

therefore, guarantee decidedly competitive prices.

Opened in 2012 by Franco Pogliaghi, Nanotecnologie-Suisse also specializes in the installation of

interlocking floors. But let' follow the process and see in detail this new generation of anti-slip

applications.  It is a treatment that we could define as  with a gentle touch - explains the owner

Franco Pogliaghi - without damaging and degrading the surface concerned. The small particles act on

the pores of the floor taking advantage of the sucker effect and modifying those characteristics of

the material which, in particular if in contact with water or dust, make the surface highly slippery.

The application is permanent and does not significantly change the appearance.”

Before even recommending our treatment - continues Pogliaghi - we perform an analysis to

establish the slipperiness coefficient. A test is also performed on a sample of the material to evaluate

if and to what extent the surface becomes opaque. Much depends on the material. Our customers

range from the craftsman (for whom - at least hopefully - the aesthetics of the floor is secondary to

the safety factor), to the swimming pools, to various rest homes in the region (where both needs are

taken into account: safety and aesthetics) 

Another advantage: the application does not require long times: a couple of days for large surfaces.

After about an hour, the floor can be walked on.

As previously mentioned, Nanotecnologie-Suisse also specializes in the sale and installation of

interlocking floors, a type of vinyl flooring, self-leveling and composed of a homogeneous mixture of

vinyl resins, plasticizers, inorganic additives, colored pigments and inert mineral fillers. Produced by

injection molding machine with "orange peel effect  stamps  surface. This type of tile has visible

joints along the perimeter and is intended for rooms subject to heavy traffic or to rooms that are not

sung and are not protected against ascent infiltrations. It also resists the passage of 4-wheeled

forklifts with a total weight of up to 40 quintals at full load, provided they are equipped with rubber

wheels with an adequate section. It settles easily and quickly.

To the technical and cost advantages one can also add advantages relating to comfort and safety.

The interlocking floor in fact alleviates the fatigue of the lower joints during the workday; insulates

from the cold making it possible to save energy considerably and absorbs falling objects and tools.

Easy to clean, resistant to common chemicals and fire resistant according to BFL-S1 standards. It has

a high load capacity depending on the thickness.

It can be customized with logos, images, slogans etc.

And, last but not least, it is an eco-friendley material which is completely recyclable.