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Features and Benefits!

Efficient, easy, fast to install, elegant, resistant, eco-friendly, customizable … DIY flooring! Without
glue, without labor, without stress!

Technical features

Technical features

Self-adjusting interlocking vinyl flooring composed of a homogeneous mixture of non-recycled vinyl

resins, plasticizers, additives, inorganic additives, colored pigments, inert mineral fillers.

Hardness: 91 Shore according to EN 434

Dimensional stability: <0.1% according to EN 434

Maximum residual impression: 0.01 mm according to EN 433

Abrasion: group T 8 (0.1 mm) according to EN 661

Fire reaction: Cfl-s1 according to EN 13501-1

Slip resistance: class DS according to EN 14041

Resistance to chemical agents: good according to EN 423

Wheelchair resistance: suitable according to EN 425

Lightfastness:> 6 on the blue scale according to EN ISO 105-BO2

Mechanical resistance: 17 N / mm2 according to DIN 53516

Compressive strength:> 500 kg / cmq according to NF P 15-4

Use class: class 43 (EN 685)

Fire resistance: Cfl s1